Selling Your House

Preparing to Sell

When you ask any reputable agent to discuss selling your property they will ask you for the following documents.  These are required by law and once you have provided them you can rest assured that the work of the lawyers gets underway without delay as soon as there is an agreed sale.  The documents required are:

·       Escritura

·       IBI and Basura Receipts

·       Community Fees Receipt

·       Copy of all utility bills

·       Nota Simple

·       Energy Performance Certificate

Your Costs and Taxes

Real Estate Agents fees on the Costa del Sol are normally 5% of the sales price plus IVA.

Legal Fees

Fee for the preparation of the Energy Performance Certificate

Capital Gains Tax (There are exemptions to CGT for residents under specific circumstances)

Plus Valia. This is a tax on the increase in the value of the land since it´s last sale. This also applies to apartments but the tax will be much smaller for apartments than for a villa on a large plot.

Withholding Tax: Non Residents are levied a 3% withholding which can be reclaimed

Establishing a Selling Price

Online you will be able to see the asking price of comparable properties but remember these are only the asking prices and not the final selling price.  If an agent advises you to put your house up for sale with a price that seems inflated then it probably is.  A good agent, with a record of sales in your area, will be advise you on what you can expect.  Remember there are many variables which affect the value of a property such as its position, orientation, size, condition and views.

Choosing A Real Estate Agent

It is important to chose an agent with an office and a web site which is going to attract potential clients.  After all you would not want to entrust your keys and home to someone you cannot find after the initial meeting.  Expect to pay market rate for your agents services, normally 5% plus IVA, if the service is discounted then you probably won´t achieve your goal.  Also do not get tempted by an agent offering a sales price for you and they put their commission on top as you could be paying a lot more than the market rate.



Lawyer / Solicitor

Administrator de Fincas

Administrator of the community


Land Office *concerned with the measurement and description of property

Comunidad de Propietarios

Community of Property Owner

Escritura de Compraventa

Contract for the sale of a property

Escritura or Escritura Publica

The title deed of a property




Spanish licensed administrator for official procedures e.g. obtaining NIE, importing a car etc




Annual Real Estate Tax

Impuestos sobre el Patrimonio

Wealth Tax


Spanish value added tax

Nota Simple

Certificate from Property Registry showing any debt on a property



Plus Valia

Municipal tax on increase in the value of the land since last sale

Registro de la Propiedad

Property Register




Town Planning Department

Valor Catastral

Assessed value of property for tax purposes